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Charactertic Enkhuizen

This old Zuiderzee-harbourcity has found an excellent way to keep the character of the 17th century. Beautiful monuments like: the Koepoort, the Drommedaris, the Waag and the Stadhuis (City hall) are a reminder of the rich past of Enkhuizen.



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The city centre with its special atmosphere and the old Zuiderzee harbour offers a pleasantly crowded sight with all the tourists in summer. Especially unique is the Zuiderzeemuseum, with an indoors and open air museum, where one can have an accurate impression of life in the old days around the Zuiderzee, the current IJsselmeer.



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Recreatiebad Enkhuizerzand (Swimming pool Enkhuizerzand)

Enkhuizen Stavoren (boat trip Enkhuizen-Stavoren)

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Westfriesland Toer (excursions)

Sprookjeswonderland (fairytale park)


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Stoomtram Museum (steam train)

Miniature ships in a bottle Enkhuizen (Telefoonnr.: +31 (0) 228-318583)

Hotel Restaurant Die Port van Cleve - Dijk 74/76 - 1601 GK Enkhuizen - +31228-312510